Attitude is Everything

Easy to say, harder to execute!

Seth Godin wrote another highly insightful blog post (the hierarchy of success) in which he highlights how critically important Attitude & Approach are.  He sums up his post with the statement: “If the top of the hierarchy is messed up, no amount of brilliant tactics or execution is going to help you at all.”  As usual, Godin nailed it.

His point holds true in business and life… and in your career.

1 – Attitude – I agree with Godin.  Attitude is everything and sets the tone for everything else.  Companies and hiring executives, particularly in startups, need passionate, committed people who are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed.  A defeatist, or even ambivalent attitude, can be a deal breaker.  Superior attitude, superior state of mind.

2 – Approach – How are you looking at your career?  Are you a student of your industry?  Are you on top of the trends?  Or are you a 9-5er?  Either one is fine, but this sets the tone for how you optimize points 3-6.

3 – Goals – Have you set specific, clear career goals?  If not, take the time to do so immediately.  Don’t send another resume until you do!  Struggling to identify goals?  Turn to a “trusted advisor” to help you get started.

4 – Strategy – Job Boards are so yesteryear!  You can’t afford to be reactionary in this market.  As a senior executive, you need to build your game plan that meshes well with the goals you are setting for yourself.

5 – Tactics – As Godin points out, you can’t know which tactics will work without a solid strategy in place.  Nail points 3 & 4 before you spend time worrying about Tactics.

6 – Execution – It’s easy to write a resume or bio.  In all likelihood, it’s the first thing you did (or are considering).  However, this bottoms-up approach is not the smartest way to manage your career – it’s the bare minimum effort!  Your career is worth more than that.

OK, so here is the shameless self-promotion angle to this post.  Check out my earlier advice for constructing your personal Game Plan.  Hopefully this will prompt some thought-provoking ideas that will inspire you, help you identify the best career opportunities for you, beat out your competition and accelerate your career!


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