Backupify Integrates With Google Drive – Never Lose A File Again

Backupify announced today that it has updated its platform to support Google’s newest file-saving service, Google Drive.  Backupify users that move files to Google Drive will see the service create a single backup for both their Google Documents but also their files that have been synced with Google Drive. Best of all, it’s free. Google ensured that it […]

Research – Your Secret Weapon

Using RESEARCH smartly can be a powerful weapon for you and serve as an opportunity to “network with purpose” (as one of my good friends likes to call it). Your goal should be to not only show what you did in your career but share best practices and offer to create the outline of a game plan […]

Job Search Strategies (part I) – Build Your Game plan

Over the past 6 weeks, I have been seeing early signs that jobs are coming back slowly into the tech market.  In almost every one of the conversations I have had recently with VCs and CEOs, they have been quick to point out the flood of talent in the market and a significant increase in resumes […]

Announcing Chris’ New HBR Article

For those of you who know us, you’ll know that Chris has been hard at work compiling some incredibly interesting and insightful information on Best Practices in Venture Capital.  We are delighted to finally announce that the first publicly-available article has been published in the June 2010 edition of Harvard Business Review. It’s tough to keep […]

Job Search Strategies (part II) – Your Personal Situation

In my last post, I encouraged you to create a game plan for your job search by identifying your career goals, mapping out skills you have versus skills you need to acquire, and honing your personal pitch. There is another critical element, though, that I strongly encourage you to consider… your “personal situation”. This falls […]

Attitude is Everything

Easy to say, harder to execute! Seth Godin wrote another highly insightful blog post (the hierarchy of success) in which he highlights how critically important Attitude & Approach are.  He sums up his post with the statement: “If the top of the hierarchy is messed up, no amount of brilliant tactics or execution is going […]

Job Search Strategies (part III) – Research, Personal Pitch & Networking

The current trend is for companies to try and hire new employees as inexpensively as possible. Although job boards/postings are not the best way to get a job interview, it is one of the most frequently used methods in today’s market.  Job boards are best used as a way to find out about openings. Just remember, they […]

The past 6 months

Over the past few months I have witnessed numerous friends, colleagues and industry contacts be affected by massive corporate layoffs.  Unlike the dot-com crash from 2001-03, when companies were affected over time, sector-by-sector, the recent market collapse has affected companies across all stages, geographies and industries simultaneously. Executives at prestigious companies who (only 6 months […]